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CaptainACAB wrote

Reply to comment by lettuceLeafer in friday free talk by emma

if you are doing it to people who are poor, not asking for advice and or not frivolous spenders u r being a total prick.

I didn't downvote you, because I'm super inconsistent about clicking good arrow and bad arrow, but you're being downvoted for pretty much doing this.

annikastheory is venting about people trying to micromanage their income by determining what is and what isn't "a wasteful purchase" under the guise of financial advice and responding with "well, they might have a point in other situations" makes you look like an ass because it's an unsolicited criticism that didn't really need to be said.

I've nothing to say about your actual point as to how valid this "advice" is, because I don't have those statistics and am not interested in looking them up.


lettuceLeafer wrote

Was I criticizing?

I just said how I felt about the issue. The conclusion of that was that I completely agree with annikas that the person was being rude to them. I'm not sure how I could be criticizing when my comment was in complete agreement with annikas.


CaptainACAB wrote

It didn't come across that way.

There's also the fact that victim blaming those facing financial misfortune is a popular capitalist talking point and that anti-capitalists really don't like hearing it or any talk about how it can be a valid criticism on a few instances.

It's not a good solution on a systemic level but for many individuals it's real good advice.

This is not one of those individual cases, so the fact that you'd justify the talking point comes across as needlessly contrarian at best.

Finally, there's the matter of the fact that picking out individual cases to refute critiques/complaints about systemic issues makes a lot of people with a radical political bent very angry and, regardless of your intentions, your response comes a little too close to that rhetoric. Criticism was a poor word choice.


lettuceLeafer wrote

Okay, I'll keep people's emotional response to this issue in mind. I appreciate it as it is useful.