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CaptainACAB wrote (edited )

Reply to comment by !deleted31767 in friday free talk by emma

Yeah, your small comfort purchases usually don't take up much from your paycheck; lower-class folk save and scrimp more than people with larger pools of disposable income. I get shit for enjoying video games and not making a career out of it because "doing what you love" means turning a passion or a hobby into another soulless transaction/commodity.

If I don't buy lunch out and save $5 every time I do it, I'm gonna end up with $120 at the end of the year. People blow that on one week's worth of groceries.

If it were that easy, poverty would be eliminated. What's that? People get rich not through exploitation but through hard work, smart spending, and merit? Why aren't you rich then, huh? Why the fuck am I even listening to you, you fucking chump; you're literally in the same goddamned house that I'm in.