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lettuceLeafer wrote

Reply to comment by CaptainACAB in friday free talk by emma

No, but I have been lectured about "investing" and "making your money work for you", though

I hate the everything about this phrasing. It's a microcasm if living in a world where almost everyone is far to cowardly to say it like it is.

Like I'm probably the only person on this website who has advocated traditional investment. It makes me sick how almost everyone is far to scared to admit why the traditional NASDAQ / index funds are so profitable. It's mostly profiting off war, slavery, polluting the planet, taking advantage of imperialism, gaining government welfare through lobbying and making software so governments can spy on civilians with no oversight.

It's profiting through violence. It's not work or making your money work. It's just paying people to steal for u or pay someone to do abhorrent shit for u.

God I can't stand people who refuse to state what they do or advocate for and hide behind euphemism