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annikastheory wrote (edited )

Hey its me, here to complain about work again.

I mentioned about two months ago briefly that I sent a slightly angry email to management. Which I think started me down the road I am on now. (angry email was in response to a meeting in which they told me that I won't be getting raises for 5 yrs. (there's a little more to it than that but that's the gist)). I am usually pretty in control of my emotions and I try to think before I speak but I slipped up one time and now I am paying for it.

I mentioned a couple weeks ago bosses met with me and told me if I improved in a certain metric they have they would give me a raise. I also mentioned that the meeting was odd because even though the context was me getting a raise it was heavily implied that they would fire me if I didn't meet the goal.

Well I am exhausted but I met the goal and the meeting to evaluate things is coming up on Tuesday so I figured things would be fine. They just sent me an email a little bit ago and they moved the goalposts on me. They materialized a new goal out of thin air, and upped the number on the original goal and now I am supposed to email them how I intend to meet these new goals.

My coworkers 100% don't have to jump through this many hoops, I am worried their aim is to have an excuse to fire me. Especially because in the email they mentioned me "meeting the expectations that we have for all staff" and "satisfactory performance". I don't know if I can keep ramping up my output like this, and when does it stop? I can't keep meeting goal after goal and having the posts moved on me each time. I think I am going to have to start looking for new work because its only a matter of time. Job hunting fucking sucks though.

I secretly hope that I am being paranoid though. Maybe they are just trying to have a good excuse not to raise my pay. But I think that's probably just wishful thinking.


bomprimo wrote

Hi. I totally understand you. Are you in a union? Do you have savings to rely on if you are fired? If you are fired do you have the possibility of getting another job?


annikastheory wrote

I have a small chunk in case I get fired. Should last me a few months. Very lucky that's the case because it hasn't been until super super recently. No union. I don't know how much getting fired hurts ones prospects but hopefully I will be able to find something else.