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CaptainACAB wrote

Reply to comment by !deleted27729 in friday free talk by emma

I still have nightmares about going to highschool, not sure if anyone else does.

Afterschool programs are even worse. School food (if any at all), forced "fun", and most of the other kids that I've met there were total assholes.

An inevitable outcome of low income homes with poor transportation alternatives and schools being too far away, I guess.


gone_to_croatan wrote

I too have recurrent dreams(nightmares?) about classrooms and school environment. Sometimes I dream am failing again some semester, or the general anxiety of failing and waiting years to finish my penitence there. (I almost failed my last year at high school and I dropped out college twice bc I couldn't keep up with working and studying, in a country where we don't pay tuitions but we don't receive scholarship or money)