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Quicksilver wrote

So, I got my 125 scooter delivered to me, and within five minutes, one of the wing mirrors is just, spinning where it connects to the fucking bike. Don't know if I hit it when I was putting it on its center stand, or it was just loose, but I don't know how to fix it. Lucky I live è be dorrs down from a mechanics, so I'll just ring them. Was so livid though with myself.

Booked to see the new Dune movie with my friend for my birthday this month (Libra gang), so very damn excited about that.

Since not being on any infinite scrolling so I'll media, I find my thumb's doing the motion nonetheless on just my screen. Really weird.


Quicksilver wrote

So, turns out the mechanic only does cars, so ew. Good news though, got a friend's partner to look at it and sort it. I don't have a mechanical bone in my body, so a lifesaver.