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bloodrose wrote

So someone posted on a local facebook page asking if anyone knew a parent who took video of a kid being strangled by a janitor at the elementary school my kid goes to. The parent of the kid who was strangled by the janitor posted on the nextdoor page for my neighborhood, also seeking out the video. They later posted that they were in possession of the video. Both threads turned nasty as grown ass adults showed up to say "We need to hear both sides of the story" and shit like "why would you let your kid play at the school at 6pm?! 6PM!!" and so much more victim blaming. One person even said the kid "jumped" the janitor. It was so disappointing to read.

The parent said the kid had a verbal exchange with the janitor that led to the janitor attacking the kid. Both places have had the threads removed. I hope they were removed because the parent retained a lawyer and will be suing the fuck out of the school. I am on tenterhooks about whether or not to speedily yank my kid out of school. Thankfully, she has the next 10 days off of school so I have time to find out if anything gets resolved before I do anything. I was very disappointed by the comments I read, though. :(


ziq wrote

Wow even janitor boots taste yummy apparently.


GlangSnorrisson wrote

An elementary school child isn’t “jumping” a grown adult, the fuck is wrong with these people?