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emoticons wrote

Enjoy and This very neat :O

am thinking of dumping my notes here.

yessss!!!! please blessing us with themm :)

this weekend I'm jumping in dynamic analysis and I'm kind of excited. (⁄0⁄ ⁄ ω⁄ ⁄0 ⁄)♡

Yayyy!!! glad foresee it :D

Staring at rows and rows of hex and assembly is probably my new kink.

uuUu wanna view my sleek control flow graph? give youu instructions and jump around unconditionally ;))


moonlune wrote

I've started working my way through SICP (lisp) again and am reading the chapter on object oriented programming (I've recently finished the one on types). It's really cool to learn the ideas behind the stuff that I use all the time.

computers are FUN.