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I was drunk and made an unfortunate mistake of letting out my climate anxiety on three other family members. In the discussion that followed, I heard three major normative (for the US) perspectives on the topic of climate crisis, each from a different person.

Conservative: Most of climate research is pushed by people with conflicts of interest. Anyways, daddy Musk and other rich geniuses will fix it

Moderate: What's important is that we all remember to reduce, reuse and recycle

Liberal: Good news! Biden announced that the US promises reduce emissions by 45% by 2050

I love my family and I'm so excited for this planet in the coming decades. What a truly amazing experience and a win for representation. And yes! I strawmanned because I'm still drunk and don't remember the details.

Edit: big /s here



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monster_trucker OP wrote

I forgot to mention that someone warned that caring too much about the environment was terrorism (same guy who compared going vegan to terrorism a few years ago👍👍👍)


Echoes wrote

This is too relatable and I wanna die