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black_fox wrote

the assumptions in these tests are out of control, as usual


Bezotcovschina wrote (edited )

I mean

One cannot be moral without religion.

Strongly agree. Moral requires religious believe, whatever this religion is (for example, humanism, and other -isms)

But this answer, probably drives me to conservatism or right in the test


Drugs are harmful and should be banned

What if I think that there is harmful drugs, but nothing should be banned?


annikastheory wrote

These ones made me pause.

Strength is necessary for any government to succeed.

Like yes it is, that is the problem.

The smaller the government, the freer the people.

The government should, at most, provide emergency services and law enforcement.

Sure but have you considered no government?


lettuceLeafer OP wrote (edited )

I had to think about those questions too. Not clear how I should answer the question. Like at most the government should do nothing. Lol


throwaway wrote (edited )

Strength is necessary for any government to succeed.

I think, in this context, the word government should be treated very fluently. It doesn't have to mean centralized power.


Ashy wrote

typical green square moment haha
stay mad, liberal!! (that means i do not like your opinion)

(i'm joking if it's not obvious)


bloodrose wrote

I think I wound up a bit righter than I actually am because I answered unsure on items I don't know enough about and it's doing math with that.

I disliked the assumption that government should exist in some of their questions.