Could we possibly have a healthcare/medical service database forum?

Submitted by oodlesofnoodles in lobby

I was wondering if we could start up a forum to talk about affordable care and possible services people can contact. As someone with a disability and about to be booted from healthcare, trying to navigate options for myself seems really terrifying (It makes it worse that I live in the USA).

Fortunately, I also have a support system in the form of my family, but I also know that there are people with less privilege then I am who would definitely need help. I want to know if anyone else here would be interested in starting a network for people in need of it most.

Healthcare should be affordable for all, but sadly we live in a society that values profits over people. Until that changes, let's build a space for people to find affordable care programs and such.


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goof_goat wrote

i think that's a good idea! i would definitely help out