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bloodrose wrote

Thank you for the well researched reply!

The most culturally significant instance in US history of this is the Birmingham campaign in 1963

The firefighter PR is strong. Because I never even associated them with that. But, like you say, even if the cops did it, where did they get a fire hose from in the first place? I can't believe it never cross my mind! It just went right over my head!

A city I lived in a few years back had a fire department and police department that shared a budget. Guess who got all the gear? The police. Because no one would give less money to -gasp!- firefighters! Everyone in the city knew it was a scam. You'd drive down the street and see 4 cop cars and people who weren't from the city would be like "oh my god! what is happening?" and us locals would be like "someone probably jay-walked." They had so many cops and fancy ass sports car police cars.