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lettuceLeafer OP wrote

honestly I feel like firefighters are kinda like cops in there are a small amount of people who argue cops or firefighters have helped people. Though the regular work of firefighters and cops is very negative. Tho firefighters get more of a pass since they are significantly less shitty and do a larger amount of helpful stuff. Tho they still really suck overall.

For instance just bc someones counsin once removed was dealing with an abusive ex and the police department watched her home for a couple days so she felt safe in her home its still safe to want to abolish the police despite the cousin once removed having a positive experience with the police. This same critique applies to firefighters and medical proffesionals but the logic is different for many anarchists which is a bit weird but kinda makes sense since people arent nearly as motivated to abolish the firedepartment


annikastheory wrote

To be 100% fair depending on where you live, there are firefighters that are volunteer run and don't have a reliance on the state. They are literally just people doing what needs to be done to protect their communities, which is great. Thats in general what I want, people doing what needs to be done (fighting fires) without state intervention. But that is 100% not the case where I am, where I am firefighters (even volunteer ones) are dogs of the state.