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lettuceLeafer OP wrote

fucking fire department forcing squatters to watch their houses burn down and fucking fire department charging poor people thousands of dollars for a glorified uber. Maybe extorting the poor and vulnerable is bad and purposefully letting homes burn bc the cops told you to let it burn is bad actually.


bloodrose wrote

charging poor people thousands of dollars for a glorified uber.

Fire departement != ambulance.

Ambulances are run by private companies. The fire department calls them for you but they are not the operators of the ambulances.

When my house burned down and I had smoke inhalation, they called one for me but said if I didn't want one, to just sign that I didn't want it. I took the ambulance ride because I was concerned about insurance stuff if I didn't but I could've not and driven myself to the hospital.


zoom_zip wrote

i'm getting the impression a lot of the responses here are US-centric because fire and ambulance services elsewhere are not so ingrained with the capitalist system

maybe i'm wrong?


bloodrose wrote

Yes, I should have mentioned it was US-centric in my response to LL. I understood their reference to "glorified uber" for "thousands of dollars" as an ambulance because in the US, we have private ambulances that charge thousands of dollars for a ride to the hospital with some amount of medical monitoring/assistance along the way.

Ambulances in the US are private companies. Fire services are either state-run or volunteer-run.


moonlune wrote

Ambulances in the US are private companies.

We're getting more and more private ambulances here too (EU, it's probably similar for other EU countries). They don't turn on their siren & lights most of the time, and are glorified taxis for people without life threatening medical conditions, are over-costed and siphon money from private insurances (maybe public money too but idk).

That wouldn't be much of a problem, but they're cannibalizing our regular free ambulances that end up understaffed & overworked. I feel like they'll disappear in a few years.

Fucking EU copying broken USA infrastructures :(


zoom_zip wrote

equally i only have a european perspective on this, i guess we are lucky that our healthcare is free or subsidised. i had to call an ambulance for my kid a year or so ago and i am grateful for the paramedics that came and gave her the treatment she needed with no charge.

they might be tied to the state re: funding, but there’s no way you can equate fire-fighters or paramedics to cops (which was done elsewhere in the thread), unless i am massively missing something or unless there is something about the way US fire-fighters and paramedics operate that is not pervasive elsewhere?


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lettuceLeafer OP wrote

honestly I feel like firefighters are kinda like cops in there are a small amount of people who argue cops or firefighters have helped people. Though the regular work of firefighters and cops is very negative. Tho firefighters get more of a pass since they are significantly less shitty and do a larger amount of helpful stuff. Tho they still really suck overall.

For instance just bc someones counsin once removed was dealing with an abusive ex and the police department watched her home for a couple days so she felt safe in her home its still safe to want to abolish the police despite the cousin once removed having a positive experience with the police. This same critique applies to firefighters and medical proffesionals but the logic is different for many anarchists which is a bit weird but kinda makes sense since people arent nearly as motivated to abolish the firedepartment