I'm banned from the school computers for cheating on my homework.

Submitted by elyersio in lobby

I've been restricted to a single chromebook for usage in school for years because I opened a terminal and bragged about hacking. (yeah, it's cringy) Just a few days ago, however, now I can't even use that chromebook anymore, because the teachers "caught" me using https://mathway.com/ to get my homework done quicker.

Kids, don't cheat on your homework. You have notes, you have your assignment book. Just don't use the internet.

They want to put me on a "need-to-use" basis with this chromebook, but I'm gonna try to change my IEP so that my assignments have to not require a computer, or something like that.


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Enkara wrote

You can't use a calculator for math what kind of school is this? lol


crzb wrote

In my college I haven't been in a single math class yet that allows calculators. :/


[deleted] wrote (edited )


elyersio OP wrote

I might not have to. My English teacher used to give us assignments to do on Google Docs, but now he says we have to have a hard copy.

But I'll check my school email in Icedove, like I always do :)


zombie_berkman wrote

Wait kids get school emails now? Also what if you refuse to use Google cloud services?


elyersio OP wrote

Yeah but they can't recieve emails from the outside. I'll ask them if they can delete my account and just start sending emails to my own email address.

Just use your own system?

Today in Algebra we had to do an evaluation test on a website, which can't be done at home and needs supervision from a teacher. I gratiously accepted my school chromebook once more today, so I could... delete some things. But I'm gonna start talking to my teachers to see if they can do that on paper or something next time.

TL;DR: Time to work towards not using the proprietary devices they provide us :)


happysmash27 wrote

Time to work towards not using the proprietary devices they provide us :)

I wish I had people like you at my school. Maybe then there would be a bit more advocaion for using Linux...

They actually BIOS-locked the computers they give to programming students this year, and I couldn't stand this, as for one, I am very picky, and care a lot about software politics, and even worse, they did such despicable things as blocking the school WiFi, which made it so I couldn't do any of the many of the assignments which require computers while I was away from the computer science class (which had its own WiFi network), and even blocking Wikimedia Commons, which I use in every assignment I need images for! They eventually unblocked it later, but hadn't at this point, and I was so furious that I spent $100 to buy a tiny computer just to use at school as soon as I possibly could. After this they said that I couldn't even do that, as it bypassed restrictions, so I hacked the BIOS locking and even overwrote the Windows partition with zeros out of rage once I got back onto my familiar Gentoo system. Eventually they said that I had to use Windows in the computer science class, so I let them reinstall it onto the school computer, but although they BIOS locked it again, I just removed the BIOS locking yet another time and now use Linux in every other class, and at home if I am too lazy to just use my desktop PC. I am even using Linux on that PC to write this now, but that WASN'T ENOUGH! It turns out that Windows doesn't have an Esperanto keyboard layout! And on Windows, one needs admin privileges to install a keyboard layout! So, although I had failed at it before, I tried yet again to write the encrypted Windows partition from Linux. This time, I actually figured out how to do it, by mounting the TrueCrypt partition as system, and I then added myself as an admin so I could install my keyboard. So much for not wanting me to use my own equipment due to it not having restrictions...

Things like this for schools are seriously offensive to me. I do my work, never slack off in class, and am one of the best students... why do you need to rule me with an iron fist? I just want a familiar working environment...


happysmash27 wrote

That might not work. I once bought a $100 single-board PC when they had the audacity to BIOS-lock the PCs while simultaneously blocking Wikimedia Commons, which I use for all my schoolwork images, and blocking the PC from being able to connect to the part of the school network which wasn't part of my computer science class, meaning that I couldn't even work on many computer-requiring school assignments when I was too far away from it. However they said I had to use the school PC so restrictions could exist. Jokes on them though; I removed the BIOS locking (and am using my Gentoo system on it now), and when they said that I couldn't use my system in the computer science class (but could in other classes), it even drove me to hack the Windows partition as well (which was a real challenge due to a weird encryption scheme), so I could change myself to an admin to install an Esperanto keyboard layout. More-restrictions-on-their-system-my-ass... Every time I have had my internet access restricted, I have hacked it, even if it is the cable company turning off my internet due to a certain parent not being able to afford the bill... The only reason I hadn't hacked it before was that it was simply easier to use Linux!

At least they eventually unblocked Wikimedia Commons when I begged them enough, but it is still a seriously offensive move to actually BIOS lock the systems; I am probably the only student in the entire school to care enough about software to actually use Linux, yet they still do it despite the fact that I never slack off and go above and beyond to do great work, especially in that class...


theblackcat wrote (edited )

cheat on your homework.

Great praxis!!!


styrofoam wrote

What is that site? Just a calculator with a chat interface?


elyersio OP wrote

yeah lol

I mean, you can plug in just about any math equation, even with variables, and it'll solve it, but sure. Just a calculator with a chat interface.

Maybe they thought I was chatting with someone, and thought I was cheating.


Pop wrote

That sucks! Hope things get better there.