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snack wrote

fucking revolting


snack wrote

i can hear the chorus of shit-speak answers that you would have gotten in my head:

"but if we give water to that one person then everyone will come in and want some. and we'll be overrun by homeless people and whatnot!"

"we're not a homeless shelter!!!"

"i don't run a charity - i run a business"

"i can't just give away my services for free, can i?"


groovygardener42069 OP wrote

The thing is, it's the downtown of a major US city.

Of course it's overrun with homeless people. This is fucking America.

If you don't want people coming inside asking for water, put a goddamn Igloo cooler outside and around the corner from the door with a stack of cups next to it.

It's like a hundred fucking degrees outside with 100% humidity

I just don't understand how people live with themselves