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Tequilx_Wolf wrote

Potentially nice flavouring for kombucha if you do that kind of thing.

I don't like kombucha, ha


Stigmata wrote

For some reason I had always assumed rosewater was more aesthetic than having a real taste. Now I kinda want to try it.


groovygardener42069 OP wrote

I had rose water infused desserts from the indian grocer a while back that were really good, but I have no idea how to make something like that. I'm not really a gin guy normally but with the rosewater it takes the harshness out of that floral aftertaste

I think a couple of mint leaves and this thing would be perfect


ziq wrote

Here it's eaten with mahalebi.


LostYonder wrote

If you aren't vegan:

Make kheer (Pakistani/Indian rice pudding):

if you don't make your own ice cream, you can melt some simple vanilla ice cream, add a little rose water and refreeze.

good with just sparkling water as a refreshing afternoon drink

add a little to a cup of black tea for a different kind of flavor


rot wrote

you can bake with it too