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UberGeek wrote

TOS had many really garbage episodes... Like slapping down the US Constitution on a planet?


AnarchoDoom wrote (edited )

TOS never pretended being masterpieces. I mean Spock was fucking using a repurposed cheap plastic cup as the mic on his communications board...

Everything is clunky and sometimes dumb, but that's what made it a classic. And at least it didn't too itself too seriously as these more recent productions. It's like the Borg in TNG... they look ridiculous. Even at that, they managed to turn them into pretty scary villains. Q was also a kind of comical relief, among many others, for a series gone rather austere and "rationalist" in tone.

Of course someone could say there's these aspects in the newer series, but super big chaotic space battles debris everywhere? Vulcans turned into ninja space elves? Sauron!? lol

They're just recycling tropes from other franchises/movies.


UberGeek wrote

I'm not talking about the kitchy effects. Some of the episodes were downright trash.

TNG had some really trash episodes too: like Code of Honor?


AnarchoDoom wrote (edited )

Code of Honor was Season 1... I know at least Season 1 was shit. It didn't made the whole TNG series any less great, as it later set its own tone, approach and quality standard. And unlike the more recent series, it was original.