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OdiousOutlaw wrote (edited )

Racism is inseparable from politics. It's an innately political construct.

Anyone who believes in an "apolitical racism" doesn't know what politics are.

People who want to avoid the topic of racism will typically whine about the conversation becoming "too political".

The sentence itself comes off as a non-sequitur and I'm not sure what conclusion I'm supposed to draw from it. Is saying conservatives are racist somehow wrong? are they saying that is racism not a political position (ha)?


snack wrote (edited )

this ^

just like you can't separate language from politics, or language learning/teaching from politics, you can't separate racism from politics.

it's everywhere, even if you consider yourself an 'apolitical' person. sticking with the language example: it's in the language you speak, in the languages you choose to consume (that aren't your native one) through media (music, film), it's in the languages you choose to learn (or not learn), it's in how you treat people who speak a different language than you and in whether you treat someone who speaks french different than someone who speaks farsi.

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subrosa wrote (edited )

Apolitical needs a shift in meaning. Currently understood as "I don't give a shit, let's not mess with anything until proven it works", I want it to mean "Neither left- nor right-wing of government. No policies for your polities.". Apolitical as in: can't fix it with politics, gotta be more radical than that.