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_caspar_ wrote

Reply to comment by LostYonder in theorists you regret reading? by Dumai

"I don't regret engaging the subaltern school, but it got stuck in the colonial critique and never really matured"

Im only vaguely aware of this school, but I wonder if theres anyone coming from this field of study who has ditched Marx's agents-of-history calling for sociopolitical integration of the subaltern and taken up a more anti-civ or anarchistic approach instead?


LostYonder wrote

Not that I'm aware of - most of them chose high paying academic positions in the US and have been pacified. There were a few budding ones in India, but they were murdered early on for taking activist roles. Perhaps in Latin America there are some who have translated it into a more critical perspective, but I'm unaware.

In general there has been a rise of critical decolonization theory which takes on a more anti-civ perspective, but it seems mostly piecemeal...