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whipskid wrote (edited )

You gain no satisfaction from all the space that is being so generously turned over to your use. You do not actually use the space even though you prevent us from using it, all you do is try to mitigate it by passing through it as quick as possible. As far as you are concerned you are never really in it at all, you just watch it go by, a boring television program projected onto your windscreen.


CameronNemo wrote

Sure. But people who drive a lot seem to be preoccupied with the destiny rather than enjoying the journey.


whipskid wrote (edited )

But the car can only take you where the car has already been. You mentioned the mundane repetiveness of city landscapes. As more people have cars, the more similar everywhere becomes.

Ironically the machine sold on its ability to cover distances creates as much distance as it traverses. As more money is spent by motorists, the more places become out of reach by those who do not have cars. And what's left in between? More unsafe, empty, hateful streets you wish you did not have to drive through, more obstacles (other road users) and intersections you wish would get out of your way. Its no wonder people tend to daydream about the destination or "what's next?" while on the road. The actual experience of driving is depressing.