Submitted by Edward in lobby

Hello everyone. I'm Edward.

I signed up for Raddle because it seemed like a cool space for anarchist discussion and I'm also interested in just casually chatting in a non-corporate space that hopefully is more pleasant than reddit.

See you around!



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DeletedButArchived wrote

I want a fresh hot take right now!!!??!!@@!!??


Edward OP wrote

Uhhh. I am pro pineapple on pizza. Not very fresh but it was the first thing I thought of


__0 wrote

Ever heard of kiwi on pizza? Seems like a similar sweet tangy savory thing but even more polarizing.


Edward OP wrote

I don't know about kiwi. I admit personally I'm not really a fan of pineapple. But I'm a pineapple ally in the culture war because I think people overreact about it being "gross".


NoPotatoes wrote

Have you ever put a whole kiwi into your mouth? Hella fun.


Fool wrote

No... Last time I put a whole bird in my mouth, it cut up the inside of my mouth with its talons, I imagine kiwi feathers wouldn't be as pointy as other birds. /s

As for the fruit, I prefer to just bite from the side, the end bits are a bit tough.


DeletedButArchived wrote (edited )

you just did an apolitical centrism which is honestly the worst thing someone can do. What's next are u gonna say "I just want to grill". Ur canceled and banned from speaking again. lol


Edward OP wrote

I can't believe I've become a pizza centrist. End me now while I still have some dignity.


mima wrote

Hey, pineapple on pizza is cool for me too. Add the ham, bell pepper, and bacon, it's perfect. It's a bit healthier too