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Tequilx_Wolf wrote

I don't know they details, but it sounds like they sold out their people to imperialists for a greencard?


bloodrose wrote

And then we didn't give them one because we're assholes.


loukanikos wrote

It's not the first time the military industrial complex did this either. A few years ago when I was in uni, I injured myself and was on crutches. I was living off campus and previously my means of transport was a bike. I was super behind in classes after and wanted to graduate in time so even though it was expensive I just started taking yellow cab to class every morning (this is before UberX). My cab driver 80% of time was this old afghan guy who after a while became really friendly with me. I think he basically knew I would be calling for rides and would hang out in the area.

After maybe six weeks of this we would talk about a lot of stuff, incl. my family, his family, etc. He told me he'd been living in the US since the Taliban first came to power, and that before 9/11, for over a decade he had a job doing translations for the government. But when 9/11 happened they audited all the Afghans' security clearances and many people lost them. Including my friend. So since then he'd been driving yellow cab. Anyways just sharing this story to confirm a long trend of American imperialists being assholes to people that helped them.


loukanikos wrote

I don't disagree with your analysis but morally speaking I am extending them some sympathy because seems like coming up in Afghanistan would be pretty shit. You are basically between a rock and a hard place. The powers that be are basically: corrupt/inept government, radical religious right, imperialists. If you look at photos from the conflicts, you see Afghans on all sides fighting in leather dress shoes and sandals. I know a few Afghans who managed to emigrate to like India but I can't fault anybody for deciding to help the storm troopers. At least they might give you a pair of boots.