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hello friends,

i had some...basically forum posts...that were lingering around, that i felt like collecting together. i've called them rants, i don't know what else you would call them. most people would probably throw them on a blog but i don't really get along with any blogging system. these texts are very surface level entry points into a couple of subjects that were basically conversations i've had with people on discord and then re-typed into a block of text and then thrown onto a static page.

the first basically covers some low-level insight on why acab. the second is an anti-landlord rant. the third is basically a repetition on something that everybody knows anyway and probably didn't need to be typed up. the fourth is a kind of abstract take on not falling into ideology.

i'm posting them here because i guess i would appreciate some feedback on these, but otherwise don't know what else to do with them. i like sharing stuff, but always second guess myself on if anybody would give a shit to receive it.

if nothing else, pumping them out onto the internet helps get them out of my head.





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Punished_Soda wrote (edited )

the fourth is a kind of abstract take on not falling into ideology.

You think that's even possible? I have seen even self-described anarchists fall into the dogma trap, following their own version of "God." Though, an anti-ideology ideology has a way of convincing people otherwise. You wrote of boxes and what we place inside, and of turning small enough to become fixtures in the boxes of others, the dangerous trap of losing one's self inside another's ideology. I remain unconvinced that anyone gets much of a choice in the matter.

Pushing aside intrusive ideological baggage seems almost an insurmountable task. Art has a way of sneaking in ideas. Movies, music, books, tweets and texts are all tiny trojan horses full of another's prescription for reality. Superficial consumption while rejecting the message lurking underneath requires constant self reflection, constant questioning. Fashion, diet, habits, lifestyles; these are all tokens that point towards a set of beliefs. I picture people building golden statues in their head, of ideas they raise up to the point of worship. These golden idols are surrounded by tokens of ideology: a shirt here, a favorite movie there, a childhood comic hero in the middle. I doubt even ardent anarchists give much thought to mere signifiers. Doing so would require an extra step back. Hard to see an idol's frame when that golden statue encompasses an entire field of vision. Harder still when that idol is the self.

Some days, I just want to play Mega Man. A friend once told me that my robot hero is a tool of the state, of technological subjugation. When I win, Mega Man wins, and I quietly reaffirm the status quo. I can think through what the game is saying underneath, but I do wonder how much of this junk can go into my box before I become full of myths and stories that directly contradict any (anti) ideological stance I believe I have.

I dig your write-ups. Anyone that places their words up for public ridicule is a hero. Not quite Mega Man tier, but still inspirational.

You call them rants. I call them essays. and essays are never done, just abandoned. Think you'll go back to these pieces at some point?

EDIT: I talk a lot of shit about pretend anarchists without actually being one myself. Apologies for being a poser~


zoom_zip OP wrote

i think you’ve got the right of it. we can’t help but fill ourselves with trash. like you said, reading books, watching films, talking to other people, etc. all these things push themselves in and corrupt us (or compliment us, or change something about us, or can be used to reflect on ourselves, or something). if they didn’t then we would be empty shells. blank canvases covered in that hydrophobic coating so the paint just slides right off. you’re right, that’s impossible.

i guess i was thinking about how deeply people embrace these pre-established ideologies. taking the thing as a whole, rather than an opportunity to take only what you need.

i used to know a guy who was so into communism he started wearing long coats and those ushanka fur hats. he started calling people “comrade”. his mind embraced the ideology. his body embraced the aesthetic. his identity became a pastiche of the ideology.

in some way i think that’s different from passive exposure.


thanks for the vote of confidence, but i think calling them essays implies some sort of status that they probably don’t deserve. they’re not academic. i don’t cite my sources. i’m definitely not any kind of authority on any of these subjects. these aren’t important texts. they’re just thoughts that stuck to a page.

i may go back to them. i already did a few times. i wouldn’t mind filling the page up with a few more on different topics though, first.


subrosa wrote

work is not normal.

How about: Work is normal. Fuck the norm.

Alright subrosa, enough being annoying for today.

zoom_zip OP wrote

yeah, work has been normalised, but i'm definitely in that camp of looking around thinking what the fuck are you all doing? i can't see it as normal anymore. i either have to accept that i've lost my mind, or everyone else is cursed.


bloodrose wrote

I don't have time to read now (I'll try later) but wanted to say the font and the style of your page are very pretty. I really like it aesthetically. <3