Submitted by loukanikos in lobby (edited )

Ok, I stupidly misread a recipe and soaked a bunch of black beans for an "ikarian longevity stew" recipe that was asking for black eyed beans. Anyways, Im not trying to compost these so now I have cooked them. I made some into gallo pinto (rice and beans) that I have been eating for 4 days (ugh) but I still have a 1 liter jar filled with black beans. What do I do? Is it possible to make decent black bean burger at home?

Raddle, I am counting on you. Please save me from this flatulence / food waste death trap...

edit: strew -> stew



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moonlune wrote

make vegan sausages by mixing them with wheat gluten and spices.


Ennui wrote

Instead of rice and beans you could make beans and beans. Or burritos. Hot beans. Cold beans. A soup?

If it’s really too many beans, you could give some away. Some people in this world would kill for some beans.


train wrote

Freeze them if you can. You can also prep bean burritos or bean patties and freeze those too.


CameronNemo wrote

Maybe mash them into a dip and eat with carrots or chips.


loukanikos OP wrote

Yo, thats a good call. Completely forgot about black bean dip