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PointNemo wrote

My pops was addicted to stims. He also dealt the stuff. It tore apart his marriage. He would hide it from my mom.

One time when I was 21 he invited some friends over. One of 'em came over early. Joey Dallas was his name. I did not rember Jim much, but he and I went way back. I used to live in his house when I was a kid and my pops had no place.

Anyway my pops went to the bathroom and asked me to keep johnny some company. Me and Jorge just played pool a while. At one point Joseph said off hand "G has sure been gone a while". About 20 minutes later my pops comes out of the bathroom and he is high as shit. I know it. Joey knows it. Joe comments "G is here".

Anyway later that night John left, I got really stoned, and a bunch of my pops friends came over. I didn't know many of them.