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plasticspoon wrote

Hoping my job contract gets extended another six months, the difference it will make it my life is unmeasurable.


metocin wrote

I already like my new job because the food is really good but last night while we were closing one of the guys started playing some hardcore & punk, and then the boss started playing some even heavier stuff. So now I love it.

I know it should be the bare minimum but the boss also told me I did a good job tonight and I really appreciated that. I very rarely got positive feedback at other jobs and almost none from my family growing up so it means a lot more to me than people probably think.


Raxalor wrote

I've got pretty major life changing things happening in the next few months.

All of the changes are positive, yet my brain has decided that panic attacks are clearly the best response to change.

AS a side note, I almost made it two years without a full-blown panic attack. Probably my longest record in the last ~15 years


Tequilx_Wolf wrote

I think civilisation and collapse are the same thing.


Tequilx_Wolf wrote

Anybody tried the new Kung Fu?

I need new stuff to watch real bad this weekend, suggestions welcome.


loukanikos wrote

I really hope we can make it culturally acceptable. Not only does it seem like there is still risk of spreading, even between inoculated and asympotmatic people but also just feels like a good call, especially in really dense places like on public transit and stuff.


NeoliberalismKills wrote

As I was planting 2 new raspberry bushes (Anne Gold) yesterday two of the neighbors across the street were areating and dethatching their hideous, fossil fuel fed, wasteland, monoculture grass lawns. Makes me glad I'm a "lifestylist" and could celebrate doing what I love and not see it as a "waste of time." I did appreciate the irony of it nevertheless.


Tequilx_Wolf wrote

I've planted about as much as I can with the space and energy and money that I have.

My baby dragonfruits are all doing well, which is nice.

I would happily learn Kung Fu but that takes resources I don't have either I think.


zoom_zip wrote

i had an idea for a poster with a caption that says something like “the only good infinite growth is the growing of trees” but i feel like someone must have done that one before.


Ennui wrote

Absolutely something sinister at work here. I recommend an exorcist—wait, exorcizist—wait, no, exercise. I recommend exercise.

If it bothers you. If not, you do you, friend.


Basil wrote

This week was school vacation. I've been getting really into chess recently, which is an interesting game. It kinda carries an image of elitism around it, but to my surprise it's been fairly easy to learn and play. Of course, like most hobbies, you can spend ungodly amounts of money on it, but I've managed to improve quite a bit just with a internet connection.


snack wrote

I think you might be onto something here... I'd totally watch work-out videos of an exorcizing excercist / exercising exorzist!

As a non-native english speaker writing those last four words were a hell of an exercise in itself wtf