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Syzygy wrote

Been feeling real lonely lately and a foray back into online dating certainly has not helped. IDK how, but I need to learn how to meet new people outside of an app. I'm a rather awkward and shy person, but at least IRL I can express myself somewhat well, whereas in messaging I just seem so boring and I have no idea how to even begin a conversation in that sphere so I usually don't get around to meeting the people I'm matching with. Sacrificing the security of isolation takes a lot of effort from me, but... I can't keep feeling this way. I think there's some casual bike ride groups in my area so I'll probably start attending those...


Hash_the_Stampede wrote

Dating apps are a scam. Ditch the phone. Depending on where you live, looser covid restrictions means more opportunities for stranger interactions. Pick a hobby, join a group, mingle, get rejected, and then come back to raddle where you are loved for merely existing as screen name. Good luck!


snack wrote

I feel you on the loneliness part, I've been longing for intimacy too. / Joining a casual bike group sounds dope!