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subrosa wrote

We can try to summarize our ideas, 'our own' anarchism (or whatever else you're into), how these ideas developed and changed over time, talk about current interests and approaches, throw in some hot takes, and then compare notes? Idk, could be an interesting exercise. Visualizing it via polls is probably, inescapably a little reductive.


Tequila_Wolf OP wrote

Guess I've already started working towards this with this post :)

Yeah it could be interesting and I suspect people would put the effort in if there was a bit of buy in.


whipskid wrote (edited )

Isn't that what raddle is inherently? An anarchist discussion club where users compete to be the most anarcho-anarchist: the anarch-est form of anarchisms on this anarchist forum.


zoom_zip wrote

quantifying anarchy

i’m sorry pal. i’m at least 7 more anarchist than you.