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I don't wanna work for reddit, don't wanna be a product nor a content creator for that place. Reddit has no space for "the endeavor to carve out little pockets of life free from exploitation and suffering". And if people spend time on reddit because that's where the conversation is, then maybe I should just drop out of that conversation rather than contributing to it.

Five years on reddit, three years of 'building' 'communities' until they reach a size that makes everyone behave like politicians, police, self-help gurus, marketing-experts, recruiters, and worse. Because that's what we do when things get massive, apparently. As if anyone benefits from that shared, mediated alienation.

I think I wanna reduce my online activities to a couple things that are actually somewhat rewarding. I'll keep putting stuff on the library, keep an eye on a handful of projects I like, occasionally join a convo on raddle. But that's probably it.

Been feeling like it for a while now, and what drew me back in is the 'duty' I feel when it comes to keeping my go-to places from turning into complete shit. An old uphill battle, the game was rigged from the get-go. Maybe I should leave that to someone else. Now, how do I go from here? Anyone want my account?



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zoom_zip wrote

yeah fuck reddit. the place is a trash heap. it’s just one of those awful tools that centralises your interests, so you can just plug in and info-scroll through all your hobbies/interests/whatever in one place. but it doesn’t actually contribute anything. all that shit is out there on the web. reddit just brings it to one place and puts comments underneath.

i always feel healthier in smaller communities where you can get to know who you are talking to, to some extent. big networks just feel like everyone screaming into a void trying to be louder than each other


metocin wrote (edited )

Reddit is a dumpster fire and I'm proud to say I deleted the app off of my phone yesterday. I've been a daily user for 10 years now and I'm sick of the time and energy I waste on there. I have always appreciated it as a place to find content, and I have to say that arguing with people on reddit has actually taught me a lot about myself and about debating/arguing. It was only through arguing with vegan anarchists that I became vegan myself.

I've realized however that most of the time I spend arguing with people goes nowhere. It's easy for me to call out some racist comment and get it removed or self-deleted but arguing on the internet is largely pointless unless youre getting something out of it yourself.

For a long time I would get very angry over things I would read on reddit. Over time I learned to emotionally detach myself from the argument and I found I had a lot more fun. I feel that now I am at a point where I'm not learning anything new and I am sick of seeing all of the bigotry and ignorance that comes with being one of the most popular sites on the internet. It just feels toxic and leads to more time spent staring at a screen.

Finding raddle was the nail in the coffin, because I get to have the meaningful discussions, content I care about, all with a pretty welcoming userbase that more or less shares my ideals.

So thanks everyone, for helping me get out of that flaming shithole of a website.


quangli wrote

Though I don't keep track of what you've been doing, I think you did a good job setting up the design and frame of the spaces you've modded. I'm guessing that that kind of effect will be longer-term even though you have to deal with a lot of shit.

Reddit's a lot of work and draining, but you can also step back and focus on other stuff. I only do reddit stuff when I'm exhausted after work or in-between things, and have totally stopped participating in drama stuff.

(I'm not sure why r/anarchism's meta sub has been so quiet lately or how most of the anarchists that side are feeling about the space)

Hope you find a good sitch.


Tequila_Wolf wrote (edited )

I remember your post about r/antiwork so it seems like you've been battling with reddit for some time.

Separately, I think it could be interesting if the anarchists from here organised on reddit. Probably quite a bit could be done if even ten people played with it for a while.


zoom_zip wrote

organised on reddit to do what?


Tequila_Wolf wrote

Well, basically there is a lot of junk takes on anarchism on reddit. On the other hand, even one individual's sustained attempts at engaging people on their views, like humanispherian, can have a substantial effect. Coordinated work from 10 people here would be able to change a lot. Based on a previous survey, maybe most of notable reddit anarchists are already on raddle.


Kinshavo wrote

I never was I big fan of reddit and it's subculture, I was felt out of place in those forums. Moonlune posted a couple of weeks ago a map, and I discovered that for almost anything there is a subforum, it is interesting to see niche stuff there, but at the end is more useful if you need to search for shared knowledge.

I am questioning my digital habits too, and I came to realize that I inverted my life, where the digital guides my life towards my interest and everything else, and it should be the other wayy around, my life guiding what I need to see in the cyberspace.

One of the few good things was when I followed briefly the Anarchism board, and it eventually lead me to Raddle after a post by dragonoa 3 years ago (I think), I lurked here before creating an account that I almost never used, then after 2 years during the first lockdown I recreated a this new account here.

Do you think letting your reddit persona die will be a bad impact? Maybe someone can carry on, but will never be you..


subrosa OP wrote

My reddit persona is really more of a burden, barely 'someone' I recognize as my 'self'. For a while I felt it's interesting to see it evolve; it was fun to go back to my r/shruglifesyndicate posts and my early attempts at reconciling my contradictory, Marx-influenced political beliefs. But the fun places have disappeared, and for the most part it's not a history worth preserving. The past couple months I used the account more as a 'tool' without as much of an identity attached to it.


zoom_zip wrote

if you aren’t getting anything out of it, peace out


zoom_zip wrote

oh one more thing i hate about reddit

everyone you try to talk to seems to forget you are a human. they approach every discussion under the assumption that you have zero knowledge in whatever topic you are discussing; they always assume the worst. sorry for painting with a broad brush but it’s rampant.

oh one other thing i hate about reddit

the assumption that everyone is american


metocin wrote

my favourite thing about reddit was bullying ignorant americans


subrosa OP wrote

Thanks for the comments everyone.


Ikeepforgetting wrote

Reasons in my life meant I did not retain a Reddit account, so didn't really engage there, but I feel that since the BLM protests last year, there has been a dramatic shift in left/anarchist spaces on Reddit.
At first it seemed exciting, lots of potential, but now it just seems like screaming into the void, everyone yelling no one listening.

I would be tempted to turn the account into a bot that posts inane comments, just because it would confuse people that the mod is a bot.


ziq wrote

Well there goes the last reddit user profile I still read.

I hope you don't delete your account if no one good wants it, because you could always use your mod position in the future to promote anarchist projects either with stickies or by editing the sidebar.


subrosa OP wrote (edited )



Punished_Soda wrote (edited )

I'll see if I can manage having access without falling back into the same routines.

I couldn't bring myself to delete my Discord account, but I did delete the app off my phone and computer. Like night and day. Went from checking daily to once a week, if that.

Good luck! Reddit? More like Turddit.


subrosa OP wrote

I deleted my bookmarks, will delete the app on my phone next time I use it.