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subrosa wrote (edited )

gooood morning!


wantoknow wrote

I want to join with anarchism however first I want to ask if we are allowed to trade with other countries.


whipskid wrote

Can you imagine a world less dependant on global trade? We should have smaller ships, less ships, slower ships. Necessities should be produced close to home for security and sustainability. I advocate for a free global Internet, but what is it that should be sent around the world in airplanes and sea ships so much? What do you think an "anarchist country" would need to trade with another country?

Some specialized goods could travel the world by organized, efficient, economical wayroutes just as some travelers do. Global exchange will hopefully soon decrease in volume and velocity in preference of sustainability.


EgocomLad wrote

I think an anarchist territory would object to being referred to as a "country" on principle and would likely be known as a collective, syndicate, or federation depending on size.

If I were part of an anarchist territory, I would prefer that common currency be abolished or used exclusively for the purchase of luxury goods. Otherwise it would probably be very difficult to eliminate poverty. In terms of foreign trade it would mostly be conducted as an organized exchange/barter of goods of commensurate value, or precious metals could be used if a precise measure of liquid assets were necessary.

The federation would need to export at least some goods of high value in order to avoid any potential trade deficits (dangerous) so there would have to be specialized labor unions within the federation responsible for producing said goods. This would likely include luxury goods (produced mainly for local consumption in order to improve quality of life, with surpluses being exported) and weapons (produced mainly for local defense and protection from external reactionary forces, with surpluses being exported).


throwaway wrote (edited )

You are not allowed, no! That's the 23rd paragraph in The Constitution of Anarchism, by I, me and myself.

It is so because I say so. If you really want to, then I might say yes if you pay me some taxes.


celebratedrecluse OP wrote

Some questions that may be helpful:

  1. What do you mean, join with anarchism?

  2. Who is "we" that is trading?

  3. What do you mean by, allowed?

  4. How does this "we" trade with other countries on a large scale?


[deleted] wrote (edited )


bloodrose wrote

I allways like talking to anarkiddies. Hit me up if u wanna talk anarchy. If u have bqd takes ill be more patuent and forgiving and explain politely why I disagree. As long as u do it in DMs.

Ex. Im gonna be happy if I see u talking about race and iq on public forums. So keep ur bad takes in dms so u dont hurt anyones feelings.

Wow, lol, way to sound like a creepy old groomer. "Come tell me things in private that are 'naughty'"

Your user name + the use of the word kiddies + requests for outing oneself as possibly not fitting into the community = either some epic LARPing, a really sus comment, or a super creepy accident.


[deleted] wrote (edited )


bloodrose wrote (edited )

You are correct that an internal bias was triggered but you are wrong about which one. Because your user name says "Man" in it, I interpret what you say as coming from a man. My first reaction to all men is to distrust. This comes from a personal history that includes grooming.

As a fellow non-straight person, I understand your sensitivity around homophobia and I apologize for triggering it.