Submitted by Hexbear_Whistleblower in lobby

Until recently, I was in a private room for the management of but after they started purging us vegans, I resigned my position and was banned from the room. Since I'm no longer part of the team, I feel I can speak freely about the previous big scandal: Beatnik being accused of grooming and stalking a teenager, and TC69 announcing an investigation into it and then less than 2 days later the team announcing his name was cleared by her investigation and the accuser was a lying wrecker.

When the grooming allegation happened, TC69 got Beatnik to hand the site over to her pretty much by threatening to quit if he didn't. If she quit, the site would have been over, and Beatnik knew it. Everyone trusts TC69, so if she had said she's quitting over what Beatnik did, that would have been the end of because everyone would have believed her and forever linked the site with abuse.

What happened next was... In return for the keys to the site, and without directly saying it but strongly insinuating it, TC69 agreed to exonerate Beatnik's image, whether he did what he was being accused of or not.

She had everyone on the team plough through Beatnik's post histories on Reddit and Hexbear to find any identifying information that we could then use to explain away how the accuser found it. Like, we found a 3 year old reddit comment he made saying he lived in San Diego and another saying he was a product manager for a tech company, so we could use those two things to cast doubt on parts of her story because we could say she could have found that information the same way we did.

The only problem is, the accuser (siennasae) gave us his real name, which TC69 confirmed was correct, and nothing on any of his profiles revealed that tidbit, however much digging we did. TC69 was the only person on the team who knew his real name.

Then someone on the team found a random image posted months before by a friend of Beatnik that was a brand of pickles that said "Nathan's" on a jar. It had no further context, but TC69 weirdly decided to use that to explain away how the accuser found his name. It made no sense really, but that's the narrative TC69 decided to sell to the users, and honestly none of them seemed to mind.

This quite upset siennasae who understandably felt she was being gaslit by TC69, and she responded by denouncing TC69 and later publicly released even more private information about Beatnik, including screenshots of him grooming her, the company he works for, links to his personal twitter and Linkedin, and more. The team responded by banning her and permanently deleting her whole post history minutes after she posted the new evidence, before anyone could make archives. Someone also had the devs change the code so we could hide all the private information from the moderation log completely.

The admin who did the ban and information purge, DashEightMate, I strongly suspect is an alt of Beatnik but can't be sure. After banning her, DashEightMate announced she was a lying wrecker and that Beatnik was exonerated by the TC69 investigation. He also accused siennasae of being a troll from cumtown because a thread full of people on cumtown were (obviously jokingly) claiming to be her. We closed registrations for a few days and banned anyone who didn't play along with the wrecker/liar narrative. We then did weeks of PR to smear siennasae and praise Beatnik for his strong leadership. TC69 stayed quiet through this whole period, and none of us heard a peep from Beatnik either.

Beatnik deleted his post histories on both reddit and Hexbear the day the accusations came out, and more than a month later still hasn't returned to make any kind of comment. DashEightMate also deleted his whole post history, making me suspect he was Beatnik even more.

TC69 is in full control of the site now, and was behind the purge of vegans (including the omni coup of c/vegan), which is why I no longer care to protect her. I think she knows what she did to discredit a possible victim of abuse was really wrong, but did it so she could get control of the site and make unilateral decisions like the vegan purge.

I'm a tankie, so I'm not staying on this site, but thanks to whoever invited me in the vegan discord.



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loukanikos wrote

So a bunch of authoritarians did shitty things to themselves and others in order to maintain a power heirarchy? surprised_pikachu.jpg


kinshavo wrote

Top 10 anime betrayals 2021


mima wrote

This chapo/hexbear/whatever they are calling it currently is becoming annoying right now. It's no longer amusing.

May I remind you that this is a leftist and post-leftist forum, not WikiLeaks


metocin wrote

keep your weird drama out of here, nobody cares


OofBoy69420 wrote

DashEightMate definitely wasn't a Beatnik alt. Before the allegations, both users were active concurrently. Many of the admins and sitemods have alts, but those alts don't have mod/admin privlieges.


Fool wrote

I don't know anything about your website... it sounds bad

But anyone of you coming here to complain should reflect on how you are complicit in the situation.

You stood by as they abused their power, placing "the community" above everything.

You aren't here to help the victim, you're here because your shitty authoritarian leadership turned on you. You were happy abusing your power, you're just mad the boots are coming down on you.

Take some time to think about your actions.


FreeBeatnik wrote


Beatnik did NOTHING to KNOWONE.

Transcomrade69 orchestrated the whole rotten thing to take the site away from beatnik. She didn't want a straight man calling the shots and putting a stop to her CONSTANT struggle sessions so she made up the whole thing: the siennasays account, the screenshots, EVERYTHING. She was the only person on chapo who knew his personal info. She was the ONLY person who could have done this. And y'all just let her walk all over him and run away with the loot.

Why do you think she changed the domain to right after this happened you fools? Because beat owned the name and she wanted to take that last piece of control he had away. Now him and his alts are gone forever and she is already destroying everything the man built.

Stop acting like transcomrade69 is some kind of angel when it's obvious to all what happened.


Hexbear_Whistleblower OP wrote

I'm not acting like she's an angel, I know how much she hates vegans and abused her power to damage our cause, I know she's power mad, but that doesn't prove siennasae wasn't real. I was right there in the private room, Beatnik was acting really really sush after the claims came out and TC69 obviously believed the accuser but didn't want to say it publicly because she didn't want the site to get abandoned because of it.


geosmash wrote

Yup I think you might be right comrade. DashEightMate wiped his history right after TC69 demodded / banned everyone from c/vegan and forbade us from talking about veganism on the site, so I think that was the moment Beatnik saw the site was doomed now that TC has full control and let go of his last attachment to chacha - his alt.

TC is obviously never going to give us free speech if she won't even let us talk about veganism. From now on the only acceptable conversations are going to be things she aligns with ideologically. It's a complete betrayal to the spirit of the reddit sub.


FreeBeatnik wrote

I swear if she calls veganism racist one more time, I'm joining the kerry wreckers and just constantly wrecking the shit out of her site.


Defasher wrote

it's telling that the thing that's got you hot and bothered is the woman crossing vegans and not the man's sexual harassment

fucking turnip eater


Storyofrachel wrote

What in God's name is this shit. She called veganism racist? Holy shit.


geosmash wrote

We should have never trusted any of those bloodmouths.


FreeBeatnik wrote

Beatnik is alright. He's not vegan, that's true, but he always encouraged free and open discorse. Transcomrade69 is just a dictator.


ziq wrote

I'll never understand why you lot get indignant when your fellow tankies tank. You signed up to the dictator club, so don't whine about it when you get dictated.


ChapoChatter wrote

I don’t know why this is on the first page of DDG results for “”, but I guess I’m leaving a message for any internet historians/gossips reading who might happen to read through this thread.

I had a day 1 account on Chapo Chat (now Hexbear) and mostly lurked. I was more active in the dozens of Discords that spun off from that site. All I have to add is that it was an open secret that Beatnik was doxxed because he didn’t ditch his old Twitter account when he became The Guy who admin’ed the site. That Twitter account used to have his full legal name and a picture of himself on it, which tied straight back to a public Facebook and LinkedIn.

The pickles thing was transparently a red herring they used to cover up the scrubbing and deletion of that Twitter. The fact that this self-proclaimed insider seemed to not know this is either a sign that they weren’t as much of an insider as they thought or that there was some major dysfunction happening with that site’s leadership. I’d guess a little of both. But the whole narrative around TC69 taking over the site and Dash being an alt of Beatnik is pretty funny to me personally and I’m just gonna say that’s completely unsubstantiated to the point of it reading like fan fiction. Again, not knowing these people well enough to tell that they’re different people speaks more to an axe in need of grinding than to a cohesive and exclusive access to the inner workings of the site. If I’m not mistaken, all 3 of these people are off doing better things with their lives than running a leftist shitposting website.


Storyofrachel wrote

TransComrade69 is a piece of shit. She called me a transphobe for disagreeing with her and censored my name in the moderation log (like "R*chel"). It's like she didn't even see me as a trans person. The way her and fucking Cuttlefish talked about me, it was like I was just another gross cis dude to them. Funny how that just happens to he something I've told myself in the mirror for years. And she wants to act like she cares about her trans "sisters" or whatever.

(Everything Cuttlefish said about me is a lie, by the way. They are either mentally ill or really believe they're supposed to be obeyed, because when pressed about their accusations they just referred back to...and you'll fucking love this...the very post where she made those accisations, which as you can surmise had no fucking elaboration or receipts. She also accused me of asking them to doxx an SA survivor BECAUSE I ASKED THIS FUCKING PSYCHO FOR RECEIPTS when they claimed I said something inappropriate to an SA survivor.)

(Also, the admins all lied to me about being banned "for my own safety" back in November.)