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NeoliberalismKills wrote

Reply to comment by groovygardener42069 in what's good? by zoom_zip

Green peppers for sure. Acorn squash. Loose leaf lettuce, a few varieties. Carrots. Cucumbers. Love fresh pickles.

Going to get a couple varieties of currants going this year too. Hopefully some gooseberries. Trying to develop my food forest a little bit every year. Got 2 hazelnut bushes and a Saskatoon Service berry going last year (both native to my state). Got a North Star cherry tree going as well and let the raspberries go crazy. I live in zone 4 so things always start late for me.


groovygardener42069 wrote

Oh dang, you're going deep! I've been looking to get some more esoteric fruits that aren't usually available at markets myself. Cucamelon and Ground Cherries both seemed like good options to start, but I'm also doing some loofah plants just cause I think those things are neat

I live in a real hot climate so a lot of that stuff I can't grow unfortunately :( I'll make up for it with heirloom superhot peppers


snuggus wrote

I wish I could find somewhere that sells hazel bushes... I've been trying so hard to get native plants for the shrubby/understory part of my yard. Need something to replace/shade out all the buckthorn and invasive honeysuckle