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ziq OP wrote

Thanks so much to whoever donated bitcoin to me the other day, I just saw it in my wallet. None of the banks here allow you to exchange bitcoin for fiat, so I'm looking into getting a Wirex debit card just as soon as I get hold of a form of identification they'll recognize. I think then I'll just be able to exchange bitcoin for cash using an atm?


lastfutures wrote (edited )

New Adam Curtis series came out this week, Can't Get You Out Of My Head: An Emotional History of the Modern World. I find his stuff pretty interesting. I think he gets a bunch of the critique right, even though I think what he wants is just a revival of the old left or something. Should be fun.

I fucking hate the winter.


Kinshavo wrote

I remember when I first saw century of the self and the power of nightmares. Really good insights from those docs and at time was very new content to me. I didn't catch up with his other works, do you have any suggestions?


snack wrote

haha butt slug

on another note:
if you were to reward yourself for accomplishing something, what would that look like?

i'm looking to motivate myself to finish a project and i want to try a different approach. usually i go for a stress-driven existential crisis strategy or just don't do it at all, but oh well.

First i thought i could bake myself a cake or make something else i enjoy eating. Then i thought i could buy myself new paint brushes, which is something i've wanted to do for some time, but i don't really like buying things. Then again, since it's supposed to be a special occasion this would be the perfect time to do so.
What else can you think of?


Hibiscus_Syrup wrote

Your kinds of ideas are the same as my kinds of ideas.

Do you have something you've wanted for a while but weren't getting because you don't like spending dough? Get it. It's ok to spend dough one time.

So yeah I think you should bake yourself a cake and get some paintbrushes.

Other potential ideas would in some way correspond to the project you just finished. Did you finish writing something big that didn't allow you to do other stuff like read for fun? Read a thing for fun. That kinda thing.


86944 wrote

I'm supposed to be getting a pretty big snow storm over the weekend.


prickly wrote (edited )

I know somebody who is supposed to be getting the same. I wonder if you are in the same place

do they call the swimming pools there 'shut-ins'?


CaptainACAB wrote

Changed my handle because I never really liked "SomeIconoclast".

This one ain't that much better, but I couldn't think of anything else.


subrosa wrote

How come I never comment in these?

I've been reading some Charles Fourier, for whatever reason. What surprised me is that there's a good amount of (what we might call) anti-civ thought in there. Did not expect that. Right from the get go, in the opening chapter, in the year 1808:

As I had no connection with any scientific school, I decided to apply doubt to all opinions without exception, even regarding with suspicion arrangements which had universal agreement; for although this Civilisation is the idol of all philosophical schools, and the one they believe to be most nearly perfect, what could be more imperfect than Civilisation, and all the scourges it brings with it? What more dubious than its necessity and its future permanence?

I think I wanna keep reading, I at least wanna get to the part about oceanic lemonade.


snack wrote

So yeah I think you should bake yourself a cake and get some paintbrushes.

Hell yeah, i'll do that! I'll get brushes and make myself a ridiculously big cake with a shit ton of fruit and have some people over.

I just started a book out of procrastination, but i guess after i finish it it will be some time before i'll be able to read for fun again, so that is also a good thing to look forward to!


d4rk wrote

Damn Massimo, he got me defending the British Monarchy


Hibiscus_Syrup wrote (edited )

Glad to hear it.

Cake is delicious. And painting is fun, and for me very pleasant and calm. Once I figure out what I wanna paint, at least.