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Hibiscus_Syrup OP wrote

Might have been an ANC assassination attempt on someone in the land and housing struggle spaces I spend time in, couple days ago. Hoping I'll be able to get through to them today and see what some of my groups can do.

Do activists get assassinated a lot where you live?


Hibiscus_Syrup OP wrote

Slowly starting to try to get active again after a huge lull while dealing with a bunch of bad emotional stuff. Probably have energy for only one sustained project this year so deciding what to do has been surprisingly troublesome.


Hibiscus_Syrup OP wrote

Anybody got a tldr for the wallstreetbets thing that happened?


Hibiscus_Syrup OP wrote (edited )

In the US the none white ones have tho the white ones are beat up or imprisoned.

It is the same here. EDIT: Oh I misread that. Even less happens to white people here.

I think being in a non developed country who is protesting corporations from a developed country have the highest risk of assassination.



Hibiscus_Syrup OP wrote (edited )

u being an antifa super soldier

Well that's sweet of you, lol. I was still doing some substantial things even during the lull, but stuff that was more like reactive necessities rather than active plotting. I think most of you would be surprised how intense my year was! But I suspect it was for a lot of us here.

always worried that u were overworking yourself to a unhealthy degree.

Nothing around me is healthy, everything is dire and terrible in extreme ways. For many here, this pandemic is just more of the same hell, not special or notably different. Relative to most I'm very well off. I have a temporary contract job making less than US$1000 per month and it still puts me in the top 3 or 4% of earners in the country. Healthiness as an idea in the context of my relative position and circumstances is just vulgar selfishness (as opposed to egoist selfishness, which I think is a good thing).


prickly wrote

Do you drink a lot of coffee?

Do you feel like you should drink less coffee?



i got a performance gig tonight and i have no idea what to do.

maybe i'll just put on corpse paint and eat a jar of mustard.

i hate performance art.

it's a paid gig. not much, but something..


Bezotcovschina wrote

I don't drink a lot of coffee, but I'm still thinking should I not drink coffee at all - it's inherently related to imperialist exploitation in the Third World plus all exploitation of nature tied to transportation. And I drink some tea, too, with the same issues. And almost any fruit.

I drink the cheapest coffee and tea I can find, because I literally can't tell a difference between cheep and expensive coffee and tea.

About healthiness of coffee - I don't know, there a lot of conflicting opinions. And, honestly, I don't care much, that's not a reason for me to thinking about not drinking coffee.

I drink a lot of tap water.


Hibiscus_Syrup OP wrote

So, so far as I am aware, I wasn't microdosing, which seems to mean taking such small amounts that you don't even really feel the experience at the time. I did small doses probably corresponding to about a third of a gram, probably averaging just short of once a day over each week.

I was not systematic about it at all, just kinda eyeballed it.

And yeah, I took enough that I could feel the bodily discomfort that comes with mushrooms, and, in an earlier batch also some of the nice feelings, but there was no journey element or hallucinations. Basically taking enough just to feel like something's going on in my body, sometimes combined with a low dose of alprazolam.

Usually this would have to happen in my solitary downtime because I'd be taking enough that I won't really want to do complex things or engage people.


Ennui wrote

(A) Medium levels of coffee. Black.

(B) I feel like I should drink less until I forget to drink it one day and throw up from the headache. Maybe this summer I’ll quit.


Hibiscus_Syrup OP wrote (edited )

Ended up being super interesting. I don't think it was an assassination attempt, but a precise move by local government to steal their tech to gain access to their conversations and contacts and plans.

This person's a leader of a substantial movement of land occupiers and direct action types that emerged in the pandemic. Big swathes of land now covered with shacks, set up with stolen water and electricity, with areas given names like Pandemic and Covid-19.


Kinshavo wrote

I like coffee but I am not drinking like I used to, b worsened my anxiety. I am holding with black tea and in slowly transitioning to a future of mint and herbs.

' I like Mate as well but I reduced my consumption bc of the same side effects


GroundFrost wrote

Yes on corpse paint for sure. But a corpse paint take on that stereotypical sad comedy circus clown makeup look, to really lean into the performance side of it. Or mime inspired corpse paint? And eat the mustard without making any noise in your invisible box.


snack wrote

today's to-do: loud music & private dance party, because it's been too long.


Basil wrote

Sometimes I wish I were aroace, cause I'm having a lot of feelings about people right now that I really don't want to be having. A few kids I used to go to school with are aroace, and they seem quite happy. some of the emotions relating to love just really suck. Other than that, my term is ending for school, so I've only got half a year left until I'm out of high school, which is fun, so I'm kinda looking forward to that.


86944 wrote

Both of the more infectious covid strains have been found in my state. Got some KF94 masks on the way. double masking and wearing googles too.

I'm so sick of this. I still see people not wearing masks, or wearing gaiters. I would have never thought everyone around me was so selfish and spoiled.


celebratedrecluse wrote (edited )

Into the future, I see. A nonexistant day!

edit; oh no it gone now ;'[