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Kinshavo wrote

How you manage the microdosing? Im interested in give it a try


Hibiscus_Syrup OP wrote

So, so far as I am aware, I wasn't microdosing, which seems to mean taking such small amounts that you don't even really feel the experience at the time. I did small doses probably corresponding to about a third of a gram, probably averaging just short of once a day over each week.

I was not systematic about it at all, just kinda eyeballed it.

And yeah, I took enough that I could feel the bodily discomfort that comes with mushrooms, and, in an earlier batch also some of the nice feelings, but there was no journey element or hallucinations. Basically taking enough just to feel like something's going on in my body, sometimes combined with a low dose of alprazolam.

Usually this would have to happen in my solitary downtime because I'd be taking enough that I won't really want to do complex things or engage people.


Kinshavo wrote

Nice, thanks for the explanation.

Hope the things get even better for you ;)