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u being an antifa super soldier

Well that's sweet of you, lol. I was still doing some substantial things even during the lull, but stuff that was more like reactive necessities rather than active plotting. I think most of you would be surprised how intense my year was! But I suspect it was for a lot of us here.

always worried that u were overworking yourself to a unhealthy degree.

Nothing around me is healthy, everything is dire and terrible in extreme ways. For many here, this pandemic is just more of the same hell, not special or notably different. Relative to most I'm very well off. I have a temporary contract job making less than US$1000 per month and it still puts me in the top 3 or 4% of earners in the country. Healthiness as an idea in the context of my relative position and circumstances is just vulgar selfishness (as opposed to egoist selfishness, which I think is a good thing).


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Yeah just a huge proportion of people live in shacks or often-bad government-subsidised housing.

Even I can't afford a one bedroom apartment in cape town, lol.