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mofongo OP wrote

I got a promotion at work, I'm now a team lead of 14 people plus assisting another team whose team lead doesn't do much leading but is connected with the higher ups. At least she does her reports.

I fit well to the role more than I'd like but I enjoy having to do less work overall. My biggest surprise is discovering how my coworkers don't know how to slack off subtly. I mean, I take a nap every now and then but no one could figure it out by looking at my work. But these people are something else, taking several half hour breaks while on the clock and no attempt at cover up. Damn.

I'm healthier and eating somewhat better, my body is demanding exercise so I'm healing properly. The hard part is taking the time to do proper exercise.

I finally added the SSD to my laptop, it's amazing the difference it makes. I can't even sneeze before it's up and running. I have to install windows tough so my partner can use it, which is a shame.


CaptainACAB wrote (edited )

Coming to grips with the fact that I'll be 23 in 3 days and the only thing that I would have accomplished since last year was dropping out of college.

And before anyone semi-jokingly praises me for that, I actually wanted to do things after I left and I've mindlessly procrastinated since then.


GlangSnorrisson wrote (edited )

Happy early birthday!

I don’t think anyone can fault you for not doing much after you drop out, given the global catastrophe that is COVID.

And honestly even if that weren’t the case, you seem good at procrastinating which is an underrated skill IMO.


CaptainACAB wrote (edited )

Normally you'd have a point, but catastrophe or not, I could easily go through the coding course that I've found. Or go through my backlog of books to read and movies to watch.

Procrastination is cool until you become so good at it that you actively sabotage yourself and wonder why the fuck you're so bored all the time.


edmund_the_destroyer wrote (edited )

If it helps, I think it's harmful to focus on achievements and goals. When Mozart was my age he had been dead for nine years, I'll never match him.

Some people have to struggle to just survive, if they manage to live another day it's a win. If that includes you, then mission accomplished and don't kick yourself for not going further.

For people that do have free time, I think we have to learn to focus on the gardening itself, not the harvest.

Don't think about losing 20 pounds and running the mile 30 seconds faster, focus on enjoying healthy eating and running for exercise. Don't think about playing Led Zeppelin's "Over the Hills and Far Away" on the guitar perfectly, focus on enjoying guitar practice even when you're struggling to get anything right. Don't think about eating a big meal entirely from food you grew yourself, focus on enjoying your time gardening and learning about gardening.

So whatever goal you set for yourself, think about the path towards that goal. If that's something you enjoy for its own sake or could learn to enjoy for its own sake, you're good. And even if you never reach the goal, walking the path was fun.

“It is good to have an end to journey toward; but it is the journey that matters, in the end.” -- Ursula K. Le Guin

...and if this isn't helpful, ignore it. Good luck, and Happy Birthday!


zddy wrote

I had a good laugh at my friends and family having a meltdown at the "insurrection."

Broke my phone a while back. Got the screen replaced but the typing is sorta fucked up. Oh well. Now im planning on getting a flip phone because this is the third time ive broke this phone alone.

Working with communists is annoying. All procedural and bureaucratic. Y'all can vote and meet all you want, im here to hand out food and make propaganda.

So it goes.


Ennui wrote

I am terrified of my classes this coming semester. I wonder how quickly I’ll burn myself out this time.

Oh well. I’m kind of an expert at overworking. One day, I’ll make the optimal wage slave.


fennick wrote (edited )

I run a club for leftists at my school, and it just feels a little hypocritical, being an anarchist. I know that's ridiculous, and i don't have any real power over anyone, but being in charge of something still rubs me the wrong way.


Raxalor wrote

What is it with a lot of capital 'L' Leftists on social media and their outright refusal to use language that could actually help win people over?

I feel particularly frustrated when I see posts that blame capitalism for things with absolutely no explanation or analysis attached to it.

Anyone that doesn't already understand the relationships between capitalism, the state, cops, businesses, and systemic violence (which is a fuck ton of people, especially where I grew up) is going to dismiss it, outright, as the ramblings of an angsty teen or a an individual blaming a system for their own failings.


CaptainACAB wrote

Anyone that doesn't already understand the relationships between capitalism, the state, cops, businesses, and systemic violence (which is a fuck ton of people, especially where I grew up) is going to dismiss it, outright, as the ramblings of an angsty teen or a an individual blaming a system for their own failings.

I feel like you've just answered your own question.

It's more exhausting to explain things that you've already taken as truth than to just start a circlejerk with people you already agree with.

Social media is next to useless for recruiting anyway, apolitical people aren't going to piss away their time off reading the ramblings of some stranger with a hammer & sickle on their pfp; if they're on social media at all, they probably aren't looking for leftist content unless they're already interested in it.

Anyone outside of that demographic probably already has an opinion on leftism and will dismiss it or agree with it. No one's going to become a nazi/centrist/communist because of an instagram/facebook/tiktok/twitter post.


ruin wrote

The postal service finally dropped off all of the books I ordered back in December. Nice way to start the weekend.

Think that with the Quiver project kicking off in a couple of weeks I’ll start by trying to get through as much of the Deleuze as I can find time for.


Basil wrote

I've been very tired this week. Hopefully tomorrow I can catch up on my sleep.


gay3gay wrote

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