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ziq wrote (edited )

Thanks everyone. I actually really need the funds right now because someone I care about needs surgery.

Been trying to sell all my videogames, but paypal has made it really trying. I got someone who was willing to buy more than 100 games (ntsci-j sega saturn) from me, but paypal rejected his payment 5 times and locked my account twice, forcing me to provide them with bank statements, passport scans, etc to unlock it. Finally had to pass on his offer because he would only pay via paypal and they wouldn't let it go through.

Now I'm trying to sell them 1 by 1 on ebay, but they impose limits on how much you can sell, and due to Brexit, they add 20% tax to the cost of anything I list to UK buyers, which is making it really difficult to sell anything because UK people are the primary market for my mostly PAL games. Ebay also takes 10% of any sale, and paypal charges fees on top of that.


ChaosBomb wrote

I've just subscribed to the patreon; for those of us who can't/won't do that for whatever reason, does buying your book help at all?

Sorry to hear you're going through these difficulties and thanks for putting this community together.


ziq wrote

I don't get any money for the book, but it supports littleblackcart, who are cool people.

I just made a bitcoin if that helps:



Vulgar_Soda wrote

I'm impressed by the implied size of your Saturn collection. Let it be know: ziq is a real gamer.

Would you prefer donations go through patreon or liberapay?


ziq wrote (edited )

Patreon. Liberapay is actually bad for privacy because it shows me your paypal address and name, while patreon hides it.

I bought most of my games 20 years ago when they were cheap.


Vulgar_Soda wrote

uh ... wow. I had a hard enough time finding a reasonably priced Saturn 3D controller. eBay is a fuck. Got lucky with one at a random thrift shop. A shame that the deal with the collector fell through. I'm sure there will be other nerds willing to shell out cash for nostalgia.

Maybe we should organize a fundraiser? You play through your entire Saturn collection on stream. We (as in the entirety of raddle) give you a total of one US dollar for your troubles. Your liberapay total was depressing lol.


bloodrose wrote

Also, liberapay is a bitch to use. I was donating through liberapay and sometimes the payments just wouldn't go through. I had to fight with it a LOT to try to get payments to ziq.


FuckCopyright wrote (edited )

I'd donate if I were in a better situation too (I'm on benefits, but here in the UK, the way they work deliberately forces you to find work to stay on them), and I'd hope I can find another decent platform if this struggles too.

Also, with some of my browser extensions enabled, I can't log in to Patreon (granted, I used it with a Google account).


ruin wrote

Thanks for the post. That would be 4 patrons and $57 now.

If anyone uses opsec as an excuse to not donate you’d better be actively engaged in a fucking armed insurrection.


nar OP wrote

All right. I would donate as well if I could. Thanks for donating, as ziq said someone they care about needs surgery.


edmund_the_destroyer wrote

Thanks for posting this, I just saw it. I'm a selfish bastard, so I only threw a few bucks at it.


bosunmoon wrote

Why not just take what you need?