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TheLegendaryBirdMonster wrote (edited )

I ended up failing my exams lol. it was catastrophic, but less so than expected. If I worked harder instead of stressing and procrastinating and being depressed I might have gotten almost passing marks. Catch up exams are in may, I gotta start making flashcards so as to be cuber-prepared. I've still burned my chances to have a PhD scolarship tought so that still sucks.

Because of social distancing and the fact that I have no friends nearby, I haven't touched anyone in the last month. During the exams I saw my friends from my class and I was cold and I snuggled with a friend to warm up and I didn't know how much I missed touching people. I'm still riding the high 3 days later.


bloodrose wrote

I'm sorry it has and will continue to cause you so much stress. I hope in the future you have less stress from this. <3

Yay for human contact. I am so lucky my child is cuddly. I get oodles of human interaction. I am very lucky.