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masque wrote (edited )

I think I spotted the Spectre of Communism when I was in Europe a year ago.


Ennui wrote

That’s such a good concept for a satire of Marxism.


Hibiscus_Syrup wrote

Perhaps some of you will appreciate this story!

One night time it was mostly lights out in my grandmother's house, I walked past the open door to the room my grandfather died in on my right, and saw out of the corner of my eye, in the room, a glowing light.

I turned immediately to look at it, and it disappeared. But when I turned back it was again glowing in the same place.

This was pretty weird, because I don't believe in that form of weird stuff. I decided to check out what was going on, and turned the light on in that room.

In the place that had been glowing, there was a statue of Mary on top of a cupboard.

Upon closer inspection, it was a glow in the dark statue of Mary. I had also recently learned that our front-facing eyesight is better tuned to fine colour detail, and our side facing eyesight light. Rods and cones, you can look it up if you're not familiar. So when I was seeing the statue out of the corner of my eye in the dark, it looked brighter, but when I turned to it, it disappeared.


zddy wrote

This is my only story:

When i was little, think 4 or 5, my parents heard me talking to someone in my room after bedtime. They opened the door and asked me who i was talking to. I replied, "Great Grandma Edna."

She died well before i was born and my parents dont recall ever talking about her to me. Now they possibly could have told me about her and forgot, but they maintain that i should have had no idea who she was.


thelegendarybirdmonster wrote

Talking to your ancestors is pretty cool tbh.

When I'm dead I hope I'll be able to haunt my grandkids. 👻


Kinshavo wrote

I saw an elf once.. or a earth elemental if you believe in it


SocialForm wrote

I don't believe in ghost and I never see a ghost. But I wish they exist and I wish I can see them.


raindropq wrote (edited )

it's been so long, i've forgotten so many stories. my social sensitivy is so damaged by the frenetic civ-society , and some of people around me seem to be functioning as heartless tools. if i can really go live in the woods , i may find that i can still see . but i don't tell ghost stories, sorry.


86944 wrote

I don't believe in ghosts.


Basil wrote

I don't believe in ghosts, but I'd like to


ShadesPath wrote

My entire life is filled with haunts.