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existential1 wrote

I wanna quit my job and make vegan food for a living but I my household depends on my income and insurance :/


bloodrose wrote

I'm sorry. I hear you. As the sole breadwinner in the household, I don't get to take risks either. It is really soul-crushing. I try to frame it as a sacrifice for love but sometimes that just makes me resentful. hugs


[deleted] wrote (edited )


existential1 wrote

Yeah, right now I sell under the table to coworkers. But my house is not great for any efficiency or scale. I think I could make several times the volume in the same or less time with a bigger space and slightly better equipment.


potatoes wrote

Just biked 4 miles in 15 minutes. Take that, chronic bronchitis.


Basil wrote

I had to take a driving lesson yesterday and I broke down and cried like 8 times during it, then once more both before and after. I think I'll just use my bike.


existential1 wrote

Practice makes perfect. But you're right, bikes are often better.


zddy wrote

Started a zine a few weeks back. did an initial run of about 20. working on a second run right now. i am trying to be a little topical, but i am such a slow writer that by the time i finish my essay there has been a million news cycles.

trying to find other leftists in my area. reached out to a group of communists that hopefully won't be a bunch of tankies. there is a mutual aid group in the area, but they don't seem to have any working email addresses or phone numbers online.

want to start busking. never done it before so its been a struggle to build up the courage. haven't even played live in about 7 years. anyone have any experience in the field?

love y'all.


ab5 OP wrote

Can I do this? I was just lurking this forum to say that I'm trying to spend less time on my phone, so my Raddle-time will be affected. But here I am, creating a Friday Free Talk thread for the first time...


ab5 OP wrote

I had to triple check that it was Friday. I'm hoping that cutting this weekly thread wasn't discussed anywhere.


Ennui wrote

My water bill was 4 times what it’s supposed to be. Think I have a leak?


NeoliberalismKills wrote

I had that happen once and they adjusted my bill. Definitely get it fixed and talk to your utility company.


nar wrote

I had a nice bike ride


Vulgar_Soda wrote

So my ex gifted me their car. This was after kicking me out of their (our) place. Covid times make relationships that much more troublesome. I guess, I should be grateful? I don't understand rich people. Freedom brought by a machine is but a frivolous plaything to those accustomed to luxury. This car allows me to expand my job search. My quality of life is improved. I don't have to walk for bread. They lose a partner in return. Fair trade, huh?

How many trust fund people do I have to date to get into heaven? The answer should be zero. I rather go to hell. I hear they play Sega Genesis in hell, with Sonic and Knuckles as far as the eye can see ...


raindropq wrote

sad i looked at computer today. i don't know if i will ever find friends. it's been 2 years since i saw her. it's taking a long time for us to meet again.



Bezotcovschina wrote

A guy, I'm being friend with for 15 years, just came out as gay to me. I really do hope I didn't mess things up and showed how much I support and appreciate him being who he is. Was a bit tricky, because he also said he have feelings for me and was very emotional about it, so I had to handle the situation very carefully. I wish we can continue being friends.