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existential1 wrote

I keep oversleeping for some reason. Its bothersome.


Ennui wrote

Same. I just slept through my first class.


catachresis wrote

My sleep schedule has been all over the place lately.

Apparently bedtime routines might be more important than the amount of hours slept so I’m trying to work on that


existential1 wrote

Yeah, I would guess the consistency on that end is more controllable than when you feel rested enough to get up.


zddy wrote

I won't get into too much much detail, but I've come to realize how much work is willing to risk my life for profit.

Its one of those things you always know in the back of your head, but now I have had the realization and its sickening.

And they will do it with a smile on their face and expect you to smile along with them.

I need to figure something out and fast.


UwUltraviolence wrote

I've been watching the Witcher Netflix show with my partner and maybe we're not the target audience or the 1st few episodes suck, but it suuuuuucks so bad.

It's so fucking het n feels so fucking forced. Im not demanding queerness but erg. Nothing but the Ciri plot line has any weight or value or a timeline that makes sense.

I'm breaking in some steel toed workbooks.

My Twitter account mostly follows trans girl onlyfans peeps and it is wonderful and ergy for my self confidence.

I discovered a fantasy of mine is also officially a kink of mine.

My books still haven't come in >:(.

I met another trans person at work. He is young and cool. Im desperate for social interaction so I'm just saying fuck it I guess my friends are 19 year olds right now.

I wana do more with growing food and am starting to collect reading materials but am also poking around jobs where I could learn a bit more hands on. Maybe a local indoor or outdoor growing project? Maybe a nursery? A lot of the cool ones are volunteer things with paid positions for v senior people. Problem is I work a super inconsistent 30-40 hours a week making volunteering kind of a crapshoot imo. Advice/thoughts on this issue are totally acceptable from my fellow raddlers.


zddy wrote

Do your coworkers know you are trans? If so how do they treat you?

Dont want to be nosy, but im genuinely curious.

I also have a new pair of steel toes that i need to break in, but my old pair still works and are so comfy already.


UwUltraviolence wrote

The trans one does, and another queer coworker follows enough of my social medis where I blatantly post that I'm trans that I'm sure they've gotten it at this point.

The rest? No idea. I have a masc voice, a flat chest (after 3 years!!! (:(:(;), im over 6 foot in height and i wear a bit of makeup and jewelry but im not high fem and my style is def more punky/MOC.

Different coworkers gender me entirely different and I allow it because my last workplace with the same company turned into a fucking nightmare once it was out i was trans.

They didn't like call me slurs or jump me, but I was constantly having to manage my gender and deal with invasive questions from coworkers, customers that coworkers brought it up to, and management.

So im stealthing? Sort of? I vaguely reference HRT as some psych med of some kind (eg, it keeps me sane, it keeps me stable) if I need to, which I have had to do due to not having it and it affecting my work performance.

So I don't know tbh. I try not to be known at work cause I'm a transfem lesbian anarchist slut who wants customers to lift as much as they can from my big box mega retailer. The less anyone not queer knows about me, the better and a lived experience from every job and social situation I've ever been in.


mofongo OP wrote

Life continues with its ups, downs, and twists with no getting off.

I started to watch deca-dence after a very convincing but embellished recommendation. It has been fun however. Luckily is short too because I have to get up to speed on Lower Decks, I'm like 3 episodes behind.

I'd like to see a comedy movie, any recommendation?


PointNemo wrote

Palm Springs is one of the few comedies I have found interesting as of late.

I watched Bad Teacher recently, which qualifies as comedy if you laugh at the movie.


transvot wrote

millennium force is probably my favorite roller coaster and idc if that makes me basic


existential1 wrote

I love Haunted Mansion, Pirates of the Carribbean, and that new Star Wars Millenium Falcon ride at Disneyland. At Knotts, i like Ghostrider. I dont have strong feelings about any other rides.


86944 wrote

I'm waiting on a tech from the gas company to come read my meter. For some reason my meter is in the basement instead of outside so I have to wait around all day for them to show up. Not to mention sanitize the house afterwards. Last year they gave me a three hour window, this year it's eight hours.

I like sitting out on the porch when it's raining. It's nice ambience for reading or whatever.


ab5 wrote

I feel exploited at work since my company stopped showing that ad that said that we were a family :(


raindropq wrote

My Octopus Teacher is incredibly good. A man goes swimming everyday like when he was a kid. he befriends an octopus, learns to learn and enjoy this one life.