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Ennui wrote

Reply to comment by Bird in Friday Free Talk (2020-10-02) by emma

Story time?

Caw caw.


Bird wrote (edited )

Thanks for the interest! Bit of a long story, but the short version is around Decemberish I decided I was just done with civilization and humans and and went out to a property I know of that's been abandoned for a few decades in the absolute middle of nowhere and essentially squatted there in the old log cabin that is there, fixed it up, and started a little substance farm, foraged and fished for food. Probably not a single person within over 200 kilometers of me, and no cellular service, also no electricity. Had told a close friend where I was before I left and told everyone else to talk to him if they need to contact me, and only if it's extremely important. Many months of relatively comfortable solitude pass and then my friend shows up telling me that there's been an emergency in the family, so I packed my things and had to travel over 2000KM to the city so I could help out.

So here I am, back in civilization and unfortunately back to the modern grind for at the very least the next year or so. Won't lie and say I didn't miss some modern amenities though.

Edit: and of course while there I had no news so I didn't even know about the pandemic until I was contacted so that was uhh unusual.



Ennui wrote

That’s pretty amazing. Welcome back to modernity, for the time being.


kinshavo wrote

I hope your family be ok and you can return to the wilderness soon


Bird wrote

Everything is mostly sorted, my family is fine now but there was a bit of a scare. Thank you for caring.

I certainly look forward to getting back out though.