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Raxalor wrote

End my IWW membership this month.

Joined them a few years ago when I thought the world could still be saved from capitalism and climate change.

Taking that $33 a month and spending it on prepping equipment (rice, beans, water filtration, etc) instead.


[deleted] wrote


Raxalor wrote

I didn't really get much experience with them lol. For the first several years, there wasn't a chapter within 200 miles of me, but about a year ago one popped up in my city. Their meetings always took place in the middle of my shift and I could never get time off to go. When I was finally in a different position and could go, COVID-19 happened.

I believe that they genuinely care about workers, but they don't have the infrastructure to offer anything other than empty promises. The IWW is too small and has zero networks outside of the organization. They'll never be able to organize a general strike and I don't think they'll ever manage anything on a scale larger than a city block or two.

Just to make a point about how small they are: I live in one of the most populous metropolitan areas within the United States and they didn't have a chapter here until 2019. Based on where they held their meetings, I would wager that less than 2 dozen members would regularly attended meetings before COVID-19.