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ziq wrote

Don't look now everyone but an inventor has solved homelessness. Apparently all it took was replacing cardboard boxes with polyethylene boxes so people won't freeze to death as fast while sleeping behind a dumpster.


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ziq wrote

I hear Gucci is going to make $1000 leather supermarket bags next and Tesla is looking to release a limited edition electric shopping cart. Capitalism sure is good at solving systemic social problems.


Ennui wrote

Instead of just giving them shelter, I feel like society’s gonna make the homeless the next generation of hunter gatherers. These are their teepees. Having to constantly move from place to place to get support is their curse.


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Vortex wrote

Homeless shelter is a racket for churches and NGO to exploit. As somebody who spent a few years on the street, I'd rather sleep behind the dumpster than in the shelters, and I know many homeless people who share similar sentiment. Shelters are always over-capacity for the past 10 years, extremely cruel and abusive toward marginalized, queer and trans homeless youths. Not to mention people who willing to shank you for a bed. And the churches just keep racking money from the state where those money never go back to funding the shelters. That's the only reason the shelter system exist.