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willow wrote

i'd rather see votes as "this does/does not contribute to the discussion", not "i do/do not agree with this", and i feel like raddle generally manages this okay. a random tankie ranting about anarkiddies or a lib going on about harm reduction are not contributing anything so they get downvoted, but i would never downvote a reasonable comment just because i disagree with it, and i would be annoyed if that happened to one of my comments.


whipskid wrote

Sometimes browsing through the controversial filter on sites like Reddit can be show the interesting comments. That'd be the most highly upvoted comments that were also downvoted a lot.

No need for anything like that on raddle, our comment threads aren't very big.


GermyCovid444 OP wrote

You would still have a number next to your comment under my system, but the number wouldn't reflect 'good' or 'bad' - it would be both of those combined, and would probably be even higher, you would get even more endorphins racing through you.