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existential1 wrote

Tbh, my main thing lately has been trying to destroy the dichotomous conceptions I maintain as habits that then create false emotions. In practical terms, that means that when I have sentiments that pop up that I reason with myself as "good" or something else as any value judgement sort of thing, I examine why I need to analyse it at all. At that my analysis will never fully capture the whole picture of the "thing" that I'm making disctinctions about in my mind. I apparently can't explain it too well, but it is very freeing.


Pop wrote

what are some other dichotomies you've worked on


existential1 wrote

-Is/are vs is/are not in general -Correct vs incorrect amount of effort to dedicate to tasks -Being a good partner vs just being

Yesterday I came to understand that ideologies are nothing more than relationships with stories. I guess Im kind of seeking to see the stories behind the masks so as to end the relationships altogether.