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UwUltraviolence wrote

♡ I game more than I would like. Mostly Apex and bloodborne rn. The new Destiny 2 and PoE expansions look sick as hell though so who the hell knows.

♡ I don't write enough, but I'm very interested in writing queer erotic horror, and reading it. The book that got me into it was Fist of The Spider Woman. It haunts and arouses me on every subsequent reading. I know Mexican Gothic and some of Fionna Zedde's work is on my to do list, reading wise. My current "novel" ideas are all flavors of lesbian vampirism, but with a lot of sadism that I feel would exist when a hundrends year old apex predator is horny on main for humans. I want to explore themes of boundaries, consent, and knowing your worth in the context of queer coming of age, at least in my "first novel".

♡ i like punk and metal and the occasional bits of pop. Been listening to a lot of heavier psych refently and being in love. Stuff like Blackwater Holylight and Ruby The Hatchet is v inspiring. Feminazgul (anarchist, queer, feminist black metal) is something im getting into more these days, but it's a slower burn.

♡ leatherdykedom! I love, at least the idea of, bdsm and leather fetishism but it def hits me right in the budding vegan in me (I'm vegetarian and slowly moving over as I have more access and time). Vegan leather options often are plastic or im not sure are strong enough for bdsm. Certainly none of the gear I've seen looks sturdy.

The zeen Fist is amazing and I def wana buy the newest issue. Poking around queer leather history is certainly more exciting.

Currently writing a poem thats essentially just me begging for that sweet dom mommy to (consensually!) ruin me.

Reading my way through queer ultraviolence from /f/queer's wiki has been nice, but slow.


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UwUltraviolence wrote

First off: thank you for the link, I'm p excited by it!

My understanding was that a lot of synthetic leather was made of plastic, which is what my issue with it is.

Apple skin leather is one ive seen. I mean, ethos of leathersex and the habits involved in and surrounding it are more important than actual leather tbh, but "leather" aesthetic is still p hot.

Why I'm looking for aesthetic alternatives while trying to explore S/M.

I mostly just want to explore receiving pain. I've naturally given myself some pretty painful things, due to injecting my hormones and I want to explore that side of the pain/pleasure coin. Domination, role-playing, servitude, vulnerability and playing with my vulnerabilities. There's an ocean of possibility that I'm a bit more certain that I want every day.


Pop wrote

fake leather (vinyl I think) strapon harnesses are fantastic, easy to clean, and super durable. I'm guessing you'd have some luck with other BDSMy things

one of the best sex purchases over the years