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Ennui wrote

That nature is worth saving, and not just because we might save ourselves.


zddy wrote

the history of labor in the United States, and the bloody battles that were fought for the bare minimum of pleasantries we enjoy today.

And specifically how anarchists lead the fight for our rights as workers.


GermyCovid444 OP wrote

Agree, but would expand it outside of the US, also.


zddy wrote

Totally agree!

I am US based so I didn't want to speak for anything outside of my sphere.


GermyCovid444 OP wrote

I like the saying 'a lot of people were beaten and arrested for you to be able to have a weekend.'


cute wrote (edited )

Gender is made up, you can't force people into tight boxes based on what hormones they make.

e: correction


mr_wrong wrote

That the concept of "unskilled" labor is a false premise made only to undermine, and take advantage of workers.


CaptainACAB wrote

Yesterday's rulers, clergy, and scholars are now worm food, but the abstracts that they've created and/or upheld were always ours to do with as we pleased.

You don't have to revere ideas.

You never had to be ruled.


Majorx4 wrote

I wish more people believed in each other. It seems that everywhere I go people are at each other's throats or trying to prove that they're better than another. It's tiring.

I guess what I'm asking for is a stronger community. Maybe I'll move to a commune.


Majrelende wrote

How to differentiate reality from technical possibility. This is exploited much by The Authorities who make people believe they can do anything, like transition to “clean” energy or create an authoritarian pseudo-utopia, just because they are physically possible, while they ignore all of the inconveniences that do not fit in with their mechanical worldview.


infocom6502 wrote (edited )

That high frequency microwaves are harmfull and people should not hold their cell phones millimetres next to their head. Typical cell phone usage (over 1+ decades) causes around an 5x-8x increase in brain cancer risk. 8x conservatively if you factor out effects similar to the "second hand smoke" effect (RF pollution, towers, rf household devices). Close proximity to cell towers will likewise raise various risks for cancers by a similar amount.


cute wrote

I believe you, but please give me a source. I'm always critical when it comes to anything about *waves.


[deleted] wrote


_caspar_ wrote

I much prefer to talk to someone over the phone rather than text. texting acts similar to posting here: in short snippets lacking the nuances of voice conversation, which lack the nuances of in-person body language. texting feels incredibly alienating, even worse than writing emails. perhaps only communicating through likes and dislikes is the next stage, when folks begin to find it irritating taking too much time to text.